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Spoiler: you mum is such a scatter-brain! Tut-tut-tut.

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Chapter dateEdit


Nancy, your mother.

Inventory items neededEdit

Nail gun, nails for nail gun, 30 amp fuse

Ouija board's riddleEdit

Today I am part of the glamour, before me they used a hammer.


You must prevent your father from revealing damning evidence to your mother. Use Charles as your puppet to kill her in front of McGuffin and Terrence. Your father will escape and the detective will chase him while Terrence stays behind to guard you and call for reinforcements.


Прохождение - American Schizophrenic09:41

Прохождение - American Schizophrenic

Go to the storage room and, just before the stairs that lead down to the wine cellar, you will find a shelf full of fuse boxes. Pick up the 30 amp fuse and stick it in the pannel. The shack will light up. Go back to your mother, enter the shack, grab the nail gun and the nails from the shelf, combine them in your inventory to produce a loaded nailgun. Pick up the air compressor's power cord and stick it in the socket. With the nail gun equiped, activate the compressor and plant the nailgun near the bench on which Nancy is sitting. Wait for your father to come and control his mind to pick up the nailgun. Enjoy the cutscene.

Notebook updatesEdit

  • My mother Nancy. My so-called Dad is getting on to me. He and my Mother had a fight and now she's just sitting in the garden while my father tries to find evidence against me. Sorry Mom... This is your time.
  • That outdoor shack has all sorts of useful things. The lights are not working and it seems the shack is not getting any current. I need to fix that.
  • I have managed to change the fuse and the shack should have power now. I bet I can now get some of the machines working in there now.
  • Charles has probably found the bodies, that makes his mind more vulnerable. I'll only get one chance at this before he can resist my power. Time to get creative.


Avoid walking in front of your mother with the nailgun equipped.


  • Your father will not spawn in the courtyard untill you plant the loaded nailgun near the bench where Nancy is sitting.
  • You can find your father in the chamber. He will motivate his presence with searching for some wine. He will spot you, so you need to erase his memory and get away fast unless you want a game over.


If the Nail Gun has been picked up in a previous Chapter it is possible to pick up another nail gun that appears invisible on the saw horse. Loading the nail gun counts as loading both nail guns.

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