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Chapter dateEdit

March 20, 1973


Antonio, the spanish gardener

Inventory items neededEdit


Ouija board's riddleEdit

"When I win it's not paper that you bring, when you lose it's scissors that you choose."



Прохождение - Grass is Always Red on This Side13:35

Прохождение - Grass is Always Red on This Side

Go down in the courtyard and observe Antonio doing his rounds mowing the lawn. Look around and find a rock to pick up. With it equipped, walk from the tree towards the east wing and you will see a marker showing you where to lay it so that Antonio will walk the mower on top of it and break the machine. Alternatively, you can use the music box to locate the correct spot. Once the mower is broken, wait for Antonio to crouch over it. Use telekinesis to agitate it, then mind control on him and then the mower. Enjoy the cutscene.

Notebook updatesEdit

  • Antonio the Gardener.
  • Antonio is cutting the grass again. I could probably somehow break his mower. I wonder why he always looks like he just came from a disco.
  • He seems to be trying to get that mower working again. This might be my chance.
  • It wasn't enough. He managed to get away from the blade.
  • The grass can grow again.



You receive Lucifer's training for the power of Combustion.

If you try to control his mind before using telekinesis on the lawnmower, the game will prompt you that his mind is too powerful.

You can no longer receive Antonio's unique chore.


  • Even if you activate the mower with telekinesis where Antonio can see you, the game will continue as normal despite the "Someone can see you" warning. However, using telekinesis the second time, after Antonio gets back up on his feet will result in a game over if you don't stop in time.
  • When you use mind control on Antonio on mower before the cutscene starts, he goes away.
    • When he goes away he has mower holding animation as well.

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