Lucius concept janitor
Date of Death:August 4, 1972
Cause of DeathCrushed the head on piano by Lucius


He's fixing it, but soon YOU're gonna fix him >:)

Ivor is the janitor and occasional handyman in Dante Manor. An imposing, heavily build alcoholic, he staggers and mumbles his way through the mansion, fixing whatever appliance needs attention.

He is first seen in chapter 2, when he is fixing a broken lamp in the top level of the western wing.

He is suspected of professional neglect by both the Police and the family when Gene dies because of an oven's faulty safety mechanism.

Ivor is killed when Lucius uses his powers to drop a piano onto his head.

Behind the scenesEdit

Seen here is a concept of Ivor, courtesy of the developers. 
Lucius concept janitor

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