Lucius III is an upcoming sequel to Lucius and Lucius II: The Prophecy. There is no confirmed release date, but it presumably will be released before summer 2018.

Details known so far as of November 2017 from the Lucius Facebook page:

New Characters:

  • Larry Ferguson, a fisherman who tends to be near the docks.
  • James Morgan, the brother of Agnes from the first game.
  • Nancy Morgan, might be the wife of James.
  • Derek Morgan, the son of James and nephew of Anges.
  • Preacher Cooper, a pastor of the Winter Hill Diocese.
  • Ceefor Bonaparte who practically lives at the junkyard and builds things.
  • Robert Williams, a chef who has three sons.
  • Gary Freeman, described as a "creepy neighbor"
  • Louis Green, the town doctor 


  • A junkyard as a part of a location called Winter Hill. (Possibly named after a real life location in Massachusetts that is home to a notorious gang that has been involved in many illegal activities)