Lucius III is an upcoming sequel to Lucius and Lucius II: The Prophecy. It will be the final game in the series and is set to be released in late 2018.

Details known so far as of November 2017 from the Lucius Facebook page:

New Characters:

  • Larry Ferguson, a fisherman who tends to be near the docks.
  • James Morgan, the brother of Agnes from the first game.
  • Nancy Morgan, might be the wife of James.
  • Derek Morgan, the son of James and nephew of Anges.
  • Preacher Cooper, a pastor of the Winter Hill Diocese.
  • Ceefor Bonaparte who practically lives at the junkyard and builds things.
  • Robert Williams, a chef who has three sons.
  • Gary Freeman, described as a "creepy neighbor"
  • Louis Green, the town doctor 


  • A junkyard as a part of a location called Winter Hill. (Possibly named after a real life location in Massachusetts that is home to a notorious gang that has been involved in many illegal activities)
Lucius III 2018 Announcement Trailer

Lucius III 2018 Announcement Trailer

Lucius III Announcement Trailer.