Lucius Wagner
Lucius Wagner
Date of Birth:June 6th, 1966
Voiced by:None


The protagonist of the game, Lucius Wagner is the son of US senator Charles Wagner and his wife Nancy. He was born in room 666 at the St. Benedict Memorial Hospital on the 6th of June, 1966.

As the opening intro suggests, Lucius has been possessed by a demonic entity since birth, but this only becomes apparent after his sixth birthday party, when Lucifer suggests that he locks a maid in the cooler and freeze her to death.

Learning of his unholy affiliation on the 6th of June 1972, Lucius embarks on a year-long campaign of sacrificing each and everyone of the Dante household to his spiritual progenitor, Lucifer. Starting with staff and moving to family, Lucius accomplishes this covert genocide by planning "accidents" and using his supernatural powers for furthering Lucifer's influence and instating pandemonium.


Due to his quiet nature, little is known about Lucius's personality before his awakening into the Antichrist. However, Lucius is portrayed to have an above average intelligence in science, as is evidenced by learning biology at just 6 years old, yet he seems to be only average when it comes to mathematics.

Lucius is revealed to be quite witty through his journal entries, often making clever, and sometimes humorous, remarks about the deaths of certain subjects. Lucius is very creative and efficient in his methods and doesn't waste his time on the sadistic torture of his subjects while trying to complete his objectives, in the way that his half-brother Isaac did.

Demonstrating a very calm demeanor through the entirety of these events, Lucius is never shown to be in a state of panic, fear, or rage. He proves to be very determined to answer his calling, as is displayed by his attempts to kill the nun while his powers are stripped.

His own parents seem to be quite reserved in their affection, possibly because his mother went through atrocious pain while giving birth to him and his persistent silence coupled with vacant stares gives everybody uneasy feelings, including his own father. 


Lucius has command over four supernatural abilities:

  • Telekinesis (2 key) - Unlocked once Cold as Hell is completed, it allows him to pick up and move objects without touching them, start-up radios and car engines, break various objects and cause others (power lines, lamp-posts) to malfunction.
  • Mind Control (3 key) - allows him to take hold of a weaker brain and make it use any nearby object, usually with fatal consequences (ask Antonio, James, Michael and Nancy).
  • Mind Erase (4 key) - Lucius can erase short-term memories from those who have caught him. He must also get out of sight asap because this ability can be used only 5 times per chapter.
  • Combustion (5 key) - Generously warm others with the fires of hell... this ability can be used only after you have made a blood sacrifice (ask Grandpa, Michael and Terrence).

However, in the sequel, Lucius II: The Prophecy, Lucius has several other unique abilities. While Telekinesis, Mind Control, and Combustion remain present, the player must gain levels by killing the staff and patients to unlock and upgrade them.


True to his father's nature, Lucius is not very comfortable around crosses, which sap his entire energy and render him unable to use his powers. However,this can be prevented when he/the player turns the cross around.

Since he was able to defeat Isaac with salt in the second game, it is possible that salt is a weakness to him too.

Behind the scenes

Concept art of Lucius, courtesy of the developers.


  • His name is partly based on Lucifer.
  • His character is believed to be based on Damien from the Omen series who is also a murderous child antichrist whose birth has suggested to also have been June 6th, 1966.

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